Congolese Archdeacon Murdered by Islamic Militants

The Ven. Ngulongo Year Batsemire, archdeacon of Eastern DRC's Diocese of Eringeti, was murdered near his home by members of the militant Allied Democratic Force, for refusing to convert to Islam.

The Bishop Who Foretold Dresden

The Bishop of Chichester spoke out in 1944 against the nighttime bombing of several German cities, and mentioned Dresden as one of the cities where he hoped similar destruction would be averted.

New Society Spreads Commitment to the Daily Office

Members commit to observing Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer daily, attending the Holy Eucharist every Sunday and feast days, encouraging the public observance of these patterns of worship, and interceding daily for other members.

New: 2/23 TLC Online

The cover story focuses on Episcopal summer camps and the steps they are taking to adapt to a changing environment.

2/16 Readings: Overabundant Righteousness

It is not enough to do the good, one must will the good. It is not enough to refrain from evil actions; one must refrain from evil thoughts and feelings (anger, lust, jealousy) which likewise damage human community.