TLCI Explores How Faith Talks

March 8 saw the “soft launch” of The Living Church Institute in Dallas, in the form of its public conversation series, Faith Talks.

‘Protect Children, Not Guns’

Episcopalians gathered in Springfield, Massachusetts, outside the headquarters of Smith & Wesson Corp. to rally behind protest signs that asked the gun manufacturer to “Stop Selling Assault Weapons.”

Meghan Markle, Anglican

Meghan Markle, soon to marry into the British Royal Family, was baptised and confirmed last week by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Expansion in Topeka

The completion of a $5 million construction project has opened new space to Grace Episcopal Cathedral in Topeka, the Diocese of Kansas, and the Bishop Kemper School for Ministry.

Conflict Escalates in South Carolina

As Episcopalians and Anglicans in Pittsburgh were announcing an out-of-court settlement of most of the disputes between them, the battle lines were hardening in South Carolina. On March 1, the Episcopal Chur... Read more...