4/29: The Beginning

Praise may be the unconscious Song of Creation, intoned by the creative will of God, his sustaining love, the redeeming work of his attention and atonement for the agony of all beings.

Methodist-Moravian Unity Spreads

The Southern Province of the Moravian Church in North America has approved full communion with the United Methodist Church. The Northern Province will vote in June.

Lambeth’s Focus on Freedom

Gathering at Lambeth: “Religious freedom is a deep tradition and rich heritage of the countries of the Commonwealth, but one that cannot be taken for granted.”

St. Martin’s Honors Barbara Bush

During crowded services, “You would see the president or Mrs. Bush or both of them get up and offer their seat to somebody else or scoot over so that people can squeeze in.”

Commissioner Pledges Vigilance

High Commissioner Yamina Karitanyi: “We will not tire in using the law, and diplomacy, to fight genocide ideology.”