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1923 Archives: Tobacco Gifts & the ‘War’ on Virgin Birth

The so-called truce in the Modernist war was rather a hollow mockery.

Archives: Consecration of St. George’s, Jerusalem (1898)

After a bloody pogrom in Damascus in 1840, the British foreign minister, Lord Palmerston, gained the Ottoman sultan’s support for a plan to encourage...

Archives: All Bishops Affirm the Virgin Birth (1923)

“It is irreconcilable with the vows voluntarily made at ordination for a minister of this Church to deny, or suggest doubt as to, the facts and truths declared in the Apostles’ Creed.”

Archives: The Unveiling of the Peace Cross (1898)

A 20-foot-tall monument, predating construction of Washington National Cathedral, still stands on the cathedral grounds.

United Nations Day (1948)

“This Sunday, October 24th, is to be observed throughout the world as United Nations Day. We hope that many of our own churches will give some measure of recognition to the United Nations on this occasion.”

Brotherhood Pilgrimage to Jamestown (1923)

From the September 29, 1923, issue of The Living Church

Archives: War — or Something Else (1923)

The rest of the world, at least, is war-sick. Perhaps in this country we did not suffer enough to make us realize that the prevention of war is the greatest issue that now confronts the world.

Archives: The Death of President Harding (1923)

God cannot be thought of as giving grace to an idea: and so we have been commending, and do now equally commend, Warren Gamaliel Harding, President of the United States, to the love and direction of our heavenly Father.

Archives: Summer Christianity (1898)

“Do not, in taking your allowable, and even necessary, summer pleasures, allow yourself to forget your duty to God.”

Archives: Jerusalem-Cathedral Damaged, Fr. Klein Safe (1948)

From the July 4, 1948, issue of The Living Church In a recent report to London, the Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem, the Rt. Rev. Weston...

Archive 1973: ‘Speak to Us, Mr. President!’

TLC's editor called on President Nixon to give an accounting of Watergate -- more than a year before Nixon's resignation

Two Histories of Race and Faith

The first webinar in Past Reckoning: Exploring the Racial History of the Moravian and Episcopal Churches drew more than 400 registrants on January 25....

Archives: Episcopalians Get Behind Marshall Plan (1948)

Presiding Bishop Henry Knox Sherrill and 40 other bishops signed a petition in support of the European Recovery Program

Archives: Mission Reports from Gold Rush Alaska (1898)

Hardships encountered by the family of a pioneering Episcopal missionary who served Alaska communities as a priest and medical doctor

Archives 1898: Library Fire, Ivory Mitre, and Mock Turtle Soup

From The Living Church, 125 years ago

Archives: ‘God Was Thoroughly Emasculated’

Fifty years ago this month, the Vietnam War was raging, President Nixon had just been re-elected, women and minorities were demanding equal rights --...

Archives: TLC’s Coverage of the Previous Royal Succession

"We are confident that the new Queen will carry on the same high tradition" as her father, George VI,

Archives: Constantinople Recognizes Anglican Orders (1922)

Rome is left in a position of isolation, clinging to a disproven position that grew partly out of prejudice, partly out of misunderstanding, and which has been fanned by controversialists for propaganda purposes.

1997 Archives: Celebrating New Life at Santo Niño

A funeral service leads to a Hispanic church plant in Minnesota


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