People & Places: October 21,2020

Appointments, ordinations, receptions, and retirements from around the Episcopal Church, as printed in the November 1 issue of The Living Church. Appointments The Rev. Matthew Addington is assistant recto... Read more...

Apolitical Senior Leader Elected Hong Kong Abp.

Bishop Andrew Chan, Hong Kong's new archbishop and primate of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, is an experienced leader, who has said very little about the protests between pro-democracy activists and police over the Security Law imposed on the autonomous region last June.

Archbishops Condemn Brexit Trade Bill

The UK's five archbishops harshly condemned a Brexit trade bill for undermining international law and endangering the peace process in Northern Ireland. “If carefully negotiated terms are not honored, and laws can be ‘legally’ broken,” the archbishops asked, “on what foundations does our democracy stand?”

10/26 Readings: Vocation and Death

We discern a specific vocation primarily by assessing our strengths and skills in relation to the common good. More broadly, however, there is a vocation we all share, and we hear it from the mouth of Jesus.  

Who Me? On Being A Mentor

Don’t be too worried about the “things” of ministry. Worry instead about how you move through the parish in all your holy particularity, slowly learning the contours of your gifts as well as your limitations. That's where the magic is.

Bishop Urges Nigerian Govt. to Heed Separatists

Bishop Ephraim Ikeafor, whose diocese is in the heartland of the 1960's separatist Republic of Biafra, calls on Nigeria's national government to address the concerns of regional separatist who criticize uncontrolled attacks by Muslim Fulani herdmen on local Christian farmers.

A Man Fully Alive: Remembering Bill Frey

Bishop Bill Frey, a former missionary to Guatemala who became one of the Episcopal Church's leading evangelicals, an advocate of traditional doctrine and social justice who led the Diocese of Colorado and Trinity School for Ministry, died October 11, aged 90.