New: 4/5 TLC Online

A guide to the milestones of the pandemic, a review of an el Greco exhibition, and the bones of an ancient saint, all in this Holy Week issue.

African Archbishops Appeal for Help with Locust Plague

25 million people in East Africa and Southwestern Asia face food insecurity due to the swarms, whose rise is associated with climate change and social instability; coronavirus cases emerge in some of the worst-hit areas.

Lambeth Conference Postponed Until 2021

Archbishop Justin Welby announced that the global pandemic will force a year's delay of the gathering of Anglican bishops; GAFCON announced a similar postponement of its Kigali Bishops' Conference on March 20.

Being the Church in Disaster

Churches need to continue being churches in disasters, not just because that is what they know how to do, but because that is what people need.