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Garwood P. Anderson

Dr. Garwood P. Anderson is the Donald J. Parsons Distinguished Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Nashotah House Theological Seminary and, beginning September 1, 2024, the Distinguished Fellow, Biblical Studies and Theology, at the Lumen Center of the Steve and Laurel Brown Foundation, Madison, Wisconsin.

Prior to his current roles, Anderson served as the Dean and President of Nashotah House from 2017 to 2024, following ten years as professor of New Testament and Greek at the seminary. From 2002 to 2007, he was a professor of biblical studies at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Anderson’s primary focus is the engagement of Holy Scripture for the Church, with scholarly interests especially in Pauline Soteriology and the parables of Jesus. With recent changes in responsibilities, he hopes soon to work on a follow-up to his previous book: Paul’s New Perspective: Charting a Soteriological Journey(IVP Academic, 2016).  Prior to his academic career, Anderson was on the campus staff of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for 17 years, during which time he completed a Master of Arts in New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a PhD in biblical theology at Marquette University.

Gar has been married to Dawn since 1983, and they have three adult children: Thaddaeus lives in Chicago with his wife and fellow urban educator, Kelsey. Lindsay, also a teacher, is married to Dr. George Stotis; and, they live in the Milwaukee area with their two children, Basil and Annalise. Lauren, a journalist and communications professional, is married to Fr. Sam Cripps, and they live in Wausau, Wisconsin with their son, Garwood.

Elizabeth Anderson

Dr. Liza Anderson is a historical theologian who focuses on the ecumenical history of Christian spirituality, monasticism, and the history of ancient and medieval Christianity outside of Europe. She has held faculty positions in church history and ascetical theology at Episcopal Divinity School, Claremont School of Theology, and General Theological Seminary.

Stephen Andrews

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Stephen Andrews is the principal and Helliwell Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto.

Hannah Armidon

The Rev. Hannah Armidon is a priest in the Diocese of Springfield and a Ph.D. Candidate in Old Testament and Theology at Wycliffe College, Toronto.

Victor Austin

Victor Lee Austin is theologian-in-residence for the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas.

David Barr

David Barr is associate rector at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Nashville, TN.

John Bauerschmidt

The Rt. Rev. Dr. John Bauerschmidt is the 11th Bishop of Tennessee. A native of South Carolina, he was consecrated bishop in 2007.

Christopher Beeley

The Rev. Dr. Christopher A. Beeley is the rector of the Church of the Incarnation in Dallas, TX.

Tyler Been

The Rev. Tyler Been serves as the curate at Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross in the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas.

Kristine Blaess

The Rev. Dr. Kristine Blaess is rector at St. Paul’s Church, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Jeff Boldt

The Rev. Dr. Jeff Boldt is a professor of theology at the Alexandria School of Theology.

Matt Boulter

The Rev. Dr. Matt Boulter is the rector of St. George’s Episcopal Church in east central Austin, Texas.

Will Brown

Fr. Will Brown serves as rector of All Saints’, Thomasville. He is a priest of the Society of the Holy Cross, and a disciple of René Girard. He enjoys spending time with his wife and son, and is an avid hunter and fisherman.

Charlie Clauss

When Charlie and his wife arrived in Colorado Springs in the mid to late 1990s, they joined an Episcopal church. Living in the South, with a Baptist church on every corner, Charlie was a Lutheran. Now living in Minnesota, with a Lutheran church on every corner, he is an Episcopalian.

Tony Clavier

The Rt. Rev. Tony Clavier is a retired bishop, now serving two missions in the Diocese of Springfield. He is co-editor of The Anglican Digest and an occasional blogger.

Mark Clavier

The Rev. Dr. Mark Clavier is Canon Theologian of the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon in the Church in Wales, Bishop’s Chaplain, and Vicar of St Mary’s Brecon.

Stewart Clem

The Rev. Dr. Stewart Clem is associate professor of moral theology at Aquinas Institute of Theology (St. Louis, Missouri) and theologian-in-residence at The Church of St. Michael & St. George.

Christopher Cocksworth

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Christopher Cocksworth is Dean of Windsor.

Caleb Congrove

Caleb Congrove is a high school teacher in Ohio and a father of three. A layman, he belongs to a Greek Catholic parish.

Michael Cover

The Rev. Dr. Michael Cover is associate professor of theology at Marquette University. A graduate of Harvard, Yale, and the University of Notre Dame, he was ordained a priest in the Diocese of Dallas in 2010, and has served in multiple parishes in Indiana and Wisconsin.

Samuel Cripps

The Rev. Samuel Cripps is the rector of The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Abigail Woolley Cutter

Dr. Abigail Cutter moved to Bristol, Tennessee, in 2023, and serves as assistant professor of theology at King University in Bristol, TN. She enjoys the music and many trails of Appalachia with her husband and two young children.

Neil Dhingra

Neil Dhingra, a Roman Catholic, is a doctoral student in education at the University of Maryland.

Andrew Goddard

Andrew Goddard is assistant minister at St. James the Less, Pimlico, London and tutor in Christian Ethics at Ridley Hall, Cambridge and Westminster Theological Centre.

David Goodhew

David Goodhew is a visiting fellow of St. Johns College, Durham University, vicar, St. Barnabas Church, Middlesbrough, England.

Leander Harding

The Very Rev. Dr. Leander S. Harding, dean of the Cathedral of All Saints in Albany, is entering his fourth decade as a priest of the Episcopal Church.

Cole Hartin

The Rev. Dr. Cole Hartin is an associate rector of Christ Church in Tyler, TX where he lives with his wife and four sons.

Carrie Boren Headington

Carrie Boren Headington serves as canon for evangelism for the Diocese of Dallas and consulting evangelist for revivals for the Presiding Bishop. She is founder of Good News Initiative  and adjunct professor of evangelism for Fuller Seminary.

Victoria Heard

Victoria R.T. Heard is rector of Church of the Redeemer in Irving, Texas.

Wesley Hill

Wesley Hill is associate professor of New Testament at Western Theological Seminary, Holland, Michigan and an assisting priest at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Justin Holcomb

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Justin S. Holcomb serves as Bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida and teaches theology and apologetics for Reformed Theological Seminary.

Christopher Holmes

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Holmes is professor of Systematic Theology in the Theology Programme at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Jody Howard

The Rev. Canon Joseph B. “Jody” Howard is Canon to the Ordinary of the Diocese of Tennessee.

Jordan Hylden

The Rev. Dr. Jordan Hylden is associate rector at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Lafayette, Louisiana, where he also serves as a chaplain at Ascension Episcopal School.

Nathan Jennings

The Rev. Dr. Nathan Jennings is the J. Milton Richardson associate professor of liturgics and Anglican studies at Seminary of the Southwest.

Jon Jordan

Fr. Jon Jordan is a priest at Church of the Incarnation, and serves as the Headmaster of the Dallas Campus and Theology Department Chair for Coram Deo Academy, a school in the classical Christian tradition.

Richard Kew

The Rev. Richard Kew is priest associate at St. George’s Church, Nashville. He was born and raised in England, was educated at the University of London and London College of Divinity, and was ordained to the priesthood at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, in 1970.

Thomas Kincaid

Thomas Kincaid began ordained ministry at Church of the Incarnation in Dallas and was vice rector there from 2015 until 2022.

Graham Kings

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Graham Kings (@GrahamRKings) is honorary assistant bishop in the Diocese of Ely.

Calvin Lane

The Rev. Dr. Calvin Lane has served in various ministry settings and is currently associate rector of St. George’s Episcopal Church in Dayton, Ohio.

Molly Jane Layton

The Rev. Molly Jane (“MJ”) Layton is the associate rector for congregational care and worship at the Parish of Calvary-St. George’s in Manhattan.

Ben Lima

Dr. Ben Lima is an art historian and critic, and a parishioner at the Church of the Incarnation in Dallas.

John Mason Lock

Fr. John Mason Lock is rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Red Bank, New Jersey. Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he was nurtured spiritually at St. John’s Cathedral and St. Mark’s on-the-Mesa.

Richard Mammana

Richard Mammana is a lay church historian, author, beekeeper, father, husband, and communicant of S. Clement’s Church, Philadelphia.

Joseph Mangina

Joseph (Joe) Mangina is professor of theology at Wycliffe College, Toronto.

Daniel Martins

Bishop Daniel Martins is retired Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield in the Episcopal Church, which encompasses central and southern Illinois. He is also secretary of the Living Church Foundation’s board of directors. Among the members of the House of Bishops, he hangs out with the group known as the Communion Partners. He has previously served parishes in the dioceses of Louisiana, Northern Indiana, and San Joaquin.

Hannah Matis

Hannah W. Matis is the associate dean for academic affairs and an associate professor of church history at the School of Theology at the University of the South at Sewanee.

Jean McCurdy Meade

The Rev. Dr. Jean McCurdy Meade is a retired priest of the Diocese of Louisiana, formerly the Rector of Mount Olivet Church, New Orleans. She resides now in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas, as well as Santa Fe, New Mexico, and New Orleans.

Mark Michael

Fr. Mark Michael is the editor of The Living Church magazine and rector of St. Francis Episcopal Church, Potomac, Maryland. A native of rural Western Maryland, he is a graduate of Duke University and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.

Neal Michell

The Very Rev. Dr. Neal Michell was born in Dallas, Texas, and grew up in Garland. Until recently, he was Prebendary in the Diocese of Dallas and Dean of St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Dallas.

Jonathan Mitchican

Fr. Jonathan Mitchican is the chaplain and Theology Department Chair at St. John XXIII College Preparatory in Katy, Texas. He writes about prayer, theology, and Catholic teaching at https://contemplativeapologetics.substack.com/

Esther Mombo

Dr. Esther Mombo is professor at St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya.

Brandt Montgomery

The Rev. Dr. Brandt Montgomery is the Chaplain of Saint James School in Hagerstown, Maryland and Vicar of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (Lappans Road) in Boonsboro, Maryland.

Dane Neufeld

The Rev. Dr. Dane Neufeld is the incumbent of St. James, Calgary and the Chair of the Canadian Communion Partners.

David Ney

The Rev. Dr. David Ney is a native of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, and a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada. He currently serves as associate professor of Church history at Trinity School for Ministry, in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

Matthew S.C. Olver

The Rev. Matthew S. C. Olver, Ph.D. is the Executive Director and Publisher of The Living Church Foundation.

Chip Prehn

Chip Prehn is an Episcopal priest, independent historical scholar, writer, and poet. He is a principal of Dudley & Prehn Educational Consultants, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and Charlottesville, Virginia. Prehn serves on the board of the Living Church Foundation.

Sarah Puryear

The Rev. Sarah Puryear lives in Nashville with her family and serves as priest associate at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ephraim Radner

Ephraim Radner is a priest in the Episcopal Church (Diocese of Colorado) and professor of historical theology at Wycliffe College, an Anglican seminary affiliated with the University of Toronto. His doctorate from Yale University is in theology.

Steve Rice

Fr. Steve Rice is the rector of St Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Peter Robinson

The Rev. Dr. Peter Robinson is a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada and teaches at Wycliffe College.

Eugene Schlesinger

Eugene R. Schlesinger, Ph.D., is lecturer in the Department of Religious Studies at Santa Clara University and the editor of Covenant.

Samy Shehata

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Samy Shehata was consecrated Archbishop of the Province of Alexandria and the Diocesan Bishop of Egypt in June 2021.

Katherine Sonderegger

The Rev. Dr. Katherine Sonderegger is Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology at Virginia Theological Seminary.

George Sumner

The Rt. Rev. Dr. George Sumner, ordained priest in Tanzania in 1981, is the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. He has served in cross-cultural ministry in Navajoland and has a doctorate in theology from Yale. Bishop Sumner is married to Stephanie Hodgkins.

Muthuraj Swamy

The Rev. Dr. Muthuraj Swamy is director of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, Cambridge, UK, and project manager of Theological Education for Mission in the Anglican Communion, based in London.

Philip Turner

The Rev. Dr. Philip Turner is a retired priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. He is the author of a number of books and articles, including Sex, Money and Power and Christian Ethics and the Church. He has served the Episcopal Church as a missionary, rector, and seminary professor and dean.

Jonathan Turtle

The Rev. Jonathan Turtle is rector of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Orlando, Florida.

Kino Vitet

The Rev. Kino Vitet is rector of the Church of St. Mark in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Joseph Wandera

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Wandera is bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Mumias, Kenya.

Christopher Wells

Dr. Christopher Wells is Director of Unity, Faith and Order for the Anglican Communion.

Paul Wheatley

The Rev. Dr. Paul D. Wheatley is assistant professor of New Testament at Nashotah House Theological Seminary.

Barbara White

The Rev. Barbara White serves as associate rector for worship and formation at St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church in Louisville, KY.

Clint Wilson

Fr. Clint Wilson is rector of St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church in Louisville, KY.

Terry Wong

The Rev. Canon Terry Wong is currently the vicar of Marine Parade Christian Centre in the Diocese of Singapore.

Jeremy Worthen

The Rev. Canon Dr. Jeremy Worthen is the team rector of Ashford Town Parish in the Diocese of Canterbury.

Christopher Yoder

The Rev. Christopher Yoder serves as rector of All Souls’ Episcopal Church in Oklahoma City.