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About Us

The Living Church Foundation is a ministry of unity that champions the catholic and evangelical faith by supporting and resourcing the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion through our publications, programs, and products. A 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization, TLC is a foundation governed by members of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion and was founded in 1878.

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The Magazine
Our flagship publication, The Living Church is published in print twelve times a year and has been in continuous publications since 1878. Every issue includes news and commentary on the issues of the day, reflections on ministry and theology, obituaries and ministry transitions, and commentary on the Sunday lectionary. Our website publishes all the contents of the print magazine along with daily online-only content and an archive of past issues. Click here today to subscribe and here to join our email list for Daily Devotions, the daily Covenant articles (TLC’s online journal), the Weekly from TLC, and Books and Culture, monthly reviews from TLC.

Print Media
Since 1983, TLC has published The Episcopal Musician’s Handbook, the essential tool for assisting clergy, musicians and laity in preparing meaningful worship in the Anglican tradition. Anglicans Believe is a series of pamphlets focused on classic topics of Anglican theology, such as faith, prayer, and the Eucharist, that are also available for free download in SpanishThe Living Church Books presents historical and theological materials and pastoral resources for Anglican and other Christian readers.

Covenant: TLC’s Online Journal
Without peer in the Anglican Communion as an online locus of sound teaching and deep formation in Christian faith and catholic unity, Covenant is TLC’s Online Journal that publishes an article every weekday from a team of around 40 invited Contributors and also receives solicited articles from theologians and leaders. Founded as a blog in 2007, Covenant took its place within the ministry of the Living Church Foundation in 2009.

The Podcast
Our twice-monthly podcast features a regular compendium of interviews and discussions at the intersection of faith, culture, and Anglican life. Tune in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or here.

Digital Resources

  • The Living Word Plus is a paid subscription containing sermon resources to help engage the Revised Common Lectionary readings for the following Sunday. Each week, subscribers receive at least three contemporary sermons from gifted preachers around the world, excerpts from classic homiletical, theological, and devotional texts, and articles on relevant themes from the archives of The Living Church magazine and Covenant, TLC’s online journal.A free version is also available.
  • Illuminations is a lector’s aid for Sunday worship to encourage congregational comprehension. Each weekly downloadable PDF guide provides concise introductions to the lessons as listed in the Prayer Book Lectionary and Revised Common Lectionary. Subscriptions are available monthly and yearly.
  • TLC’s Daily Devotional provides a free meditation on one of the Scripture lessons from the Daily Office Lectionary of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer delivered to your inbox each morning.
  • The Weekly from TLC delivers the top articles from The Living Church and Covenant every Friday.
  • Books and Culture is a monthly newsletter with book, film, and culture reviews from TLC.

TLC hosts public conferences, seminars, courses, teaching days, and webinars in partnership with congregations, dioceses, and churchwide institutions, both at home and abroad. Anglican identity, the call to Christian unity, and reconciliation have been areas of special focus.

Financial Support
As a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, more than half of TLC’s revenue comes from contributions from hundreds of individuals, parishes, dioceses, and institutions, including Our Partners. The rest comes from subscriptions, The Episcopal Musician’s Handbook and our other Resources, and advertising.

Latest Articles

CEEC Commissions Overseers, Not Bishops

Just as the Church of England has created blessings for same-sex couples that are not wedding rites, the Church of England Evangelical Council has created “spiritual overseers.”

Sean Rowe: ‘I See Significant Changes’

The Presiding Bishop-Elect brings a deep reservoir of Episcopal experience to his coming role.

Covenant Hires Calvin Lane as 3rd Editor

“I think that Covenant has got a major foothold in the Anglican world, and I do mean beyond the Episcopal Church, and we need to continue to grow that. But at the same time, I want to hear more ecumenical voices.”

Conversation Across Difference

Kelli Joyce, Jordan Hylden, and Matthew S.C. Olver discuss Communion Across Difference, a task force of the Episcopal Church.

Bishops Respond to Former President’s Shooting

Episcopal Church leaders responded to news of a bullet grazing former President Donald Trump's ear at a Pennsylvania campaign rally July 13 with calls to prayer and calming words for a troubled nation.

Revised Plans Help Christchurch Cathedral Reinstatement

Only a few months ago, Bishop Peter Carrell of Christchurch, New Zealand, said the project to rebuild the...

Same-Sex Blessings in the C of E: ‘The Bus Rolls On’

The Church of England’s General Synod has narrowly backed standalone services for blessing same-sex unions alongside a provision for conservative parishes to register for delegated episcopal oversight.

ACNA’s New Archbishop: Passionate for Evangelism

“Roughly 130 million people in America do not know Jesus Christ,” Archbishop Wood said. “That is the most animated aspect of who I am: I want everyone to come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.”

A Chorus of Chaos at Winchester Cathedral

Amid public accusations of bullying, Winchester Cathedral has lost its 22-year director of music, the senior non-executive member of its chapter, and half of its lay clerks.

General Convention COVID Cases Exceed 100

At least a dozen bishops are among the infected.