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New: Feb. 24 TLC Online

The Feb. 24 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.

In this edition, Zachary Guiliano interviews theologian Jane Williams, whose latest book considers the radical humility of God, revealed in Jesus Christ, and its meaning for daily life:

The distinctiveness of the Christian vision of God, so wrapped up in the person of Jesus and in humility, is something Williams has often focused on, but it lies at the heart of this book because of a suggestion from her editor at Bloomsbury. When her editor mentioned the theme, “what it sparked for me was that connection with Augustine,” she told TLC, “because I am a great lover of Augustine of Hippo. I love the passion of his writing.” Williams mentioned a particular passage from Augustine’s Confessions, in which he describes what he found in Christianity: what “he hadn’t found in all the other gods, the gods of the philosophers: the humble God.”

“The Christian witness insists that there is no way round this self-revelation of God,” she writes. “We cannot get to the majesty and saving power of God except in the way that God chooses to reveal it — in Jesus. There is, apparently, something compatible here, between the power of God and the humility of the human life and death of Jesus Christ. We do not instinctively understand this; it is so counter-intuitive, so alien to our definitions of achievement” (p. 2).


  • Consternation on Transgender Guidance
    By Zachary Guiliano


  • God and the Lived Reality of Humility
    By Zachary Guiliano
  • Forget Fish on Fridays
    By G. Jeffrey MacDonald


  • ‘This is My Life’
    By Retta Blaney


  • The Cross
    Review by Ayla Lepine
  • Holy Week Review by Hannah Bowman
  • The Language of Tears Review by Stephen Platten

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