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youth group

Drunk with the Kids on Pentecost

There was a laugh to fit each of us, and it was chaos, and it was miraculous.

Come for Some Pizza, Stay for Some Jesus

We love liturgy. But if we really onto something, why are we keeping it from the youth group?

Youth ministry as parish ministry: Sui Generis no more

The “entertainment model” of youth ministry is conditioning our young adults to see their walk with Jesus as one activity (among many) that can be dropped when they are too busy or it isn’t “fun” anymore.

Return to your first love

I would like to think that we have not become so warped by our passions and by a reliance on our controversies to sustain our interest in one another, in Anglican forms of Christian faith, and, ultimately, in Christ. But I fear we may have. And so I must recall to us all, those resonant words from Christ: “I have this against you, that you have abandoned your first love.”


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