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No Singing

By Charlie Clauss As many of us emerge from shelter-at-home orders, churches have begun planning for in-person congregational worship. This is welcome news! The gathering...

Why Go Back to Church?

By Francis H. Wade It is unlikely that Carl Sandberg intended in 1936 to describe the plight of the church in 2020 but his poem...

Five Suggestions for Reopening Your Church

By Zac Koons It is a fascinating time to be planning worship. We have no pandemic playbook. We have been forced instead into improv...

Curry Discusses Theology of Worship During the Pandemic

Online worship may be better suited to ways of praying represented by the forms of the Daily Office than by the physical and material dimensions required by the Eucharist.

Bodies in Worship

You can shop from home. You can work from home. And you can even worship from home.

The Spiritual Significance of Church Bulletins

The typical Sunday bulletin is not an aid to worship, but provides myriad distractions.

Synod Relaxes Rule on Service Frequency

An adjustment in church canons will help clergy who serve up to 20 churches.

Research on Evensong Numbers

Musicologist Kathryn King of Magdalen College, Oxford, will study why people attend evening choral services.

Disappearing Organists

Most Church of England churches own an organ, and most are in working order. Organists, however, are less numerous.

Epiphany Seen through Monastic Eyes

The central theme for Epiphanytide is the manifestation of Christ to the world, which leads to the obvious exhortation that every Christian is called to repent and believe in the gospel.


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