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Windsor Report

Lambeth in Retrospect: Part Two

From Archbishop Justin to Today This two-part essay surveys developments in the Anglican Communion from the 2008 Lambeth Conference to this Summer’s 2022 Lambeth Conference....

Lambeth in Retrospect: Part One

From Archbishop Rowan to Archbishop Justin By Andrew Goddard The Lambeth Conference will gather in late July for the first time in 14 years, a gap...

The Grammar of Communion

The following essay is excerpted from a chapter in When Churches in Communion Disagree, ed. Robert Heaney, Christopher Wells, and Pierre Whalon (Living Church...

Roundtable: Why I Write for Covenant (Christopher Wells)

By Christopher Wells Most of the time Covenant is not focused on technical matters of ecclesiology. Thank God, our business is not production of an...

Roundtable: Why I Write for Covenant

Periodically, we like to take stock of our work and mission. How can Covenant best serve the Anglican Communion and wider Christian family? And...

Lambeth 1920 and Its Legacy Today

Theologians and church leaders from around the world gathered at Lambeth Palace for a colloquium focused on a century-old groundbreaking call to church unity and its implications for Anglicanism's contemporary divisions.

Worley and the Windsor moratoria in Canada

If anyone has been following episcopal elections in Canada, something about Worley's case may sound eerily familiar.

A Churchgoer’s Guide to the Covenant

Many people are relatively uninformed or are being misinformed about the proposed Anglican Covenant and its significance by some opponents.

A guide to the Covenant

Fulcrum has consistently supported the covenant but is aware that there is little accessible material explaining it. We have therefore produced this short briefing paper which answers some common questions and provides ten reasons to support the Covenant.

The Anglican Covenant

The Anglican Covenant, centering on mutual commitment, is intended to secure the future of the Communion as one body. The Covenant is the only credible proposal that I am aware of to help hold this family of churches together.


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