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Covenant Care in the Wilderness

Exodus 15:1-17:7 By Wesley Hill Growing up in church, I would sometimes encounter preachers trying to help us get a fresh angle of vision on Jesus’...

Consider your children, how they grow

What price do we really pay for our omni-technologized lives, and will our kids foot the bill?

A catechism of Nature (1): Reason and the destiny of animal life

Reason, the thing that separates us from brute beasts, does not liberate us from animality, but it liberates animality itself, for the actualization of a potential that cannot be actualized without reason.

Holy living in the PhD desert

In those PhD years, I think I learned a number of things about structure, sin, silence, and solitude.

Two poems for Lent

Covenant is interested in publishing poetry on a regular basis, especially poetry that reflects on liturgical or theological themes. Similarly, we are interested essays investigating...


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