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An Elegy towards Hope

Stand with me for a moment on the southern shore of a lake only a few miles from where I live in mid-Wales. To...

Chasing the Hare to Pennant Melangell

The shrine of Melangell, dating from 1160-70, is described as the earliest surviving Romanesque shrine in northern Europe

Timeless & Personal: Finding God on Cwm Cau

Spend a day walking alone in the countryside and you quickly discover that the mind slips into a different mode of consciousness: reflective and yet receptive to what lies around.

In the tides: Enlli and the North Wales Pilgrim’s Way

Pilgrimage is at times, quite simply, plain hard work, in which, uprooted from one’s normal rhythms and resources, one confronts one’s own physical, emotional, and spiritual vulnerabilities.

Cadair Idris: Encountering God in Wales

There is a very old legend that anyone who spends the night on Cadair Idris will either be struck mad or wake up a poet.

Another Step on Christology

Anglican and Oriental Orthodox leaders have signed a revised Agreed Statement on Christology.

Clavier to Lead St. Michael’s

The Archbishop of Wales has appointed the Rev. Mark Clavier as acting principal of the struggling St. Michael’s College, Cardiff.


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