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Bishop Calls for Prayer

Bp. Thompson: “Louisiana is all too familiar with senseless killings and the pain of it is burdened by her people.”

Pray for Officer Wagstaff

Bishop Martin Field requests prayers for an Episcopalian severely wounded in his work as a police officer.

On the beach with Rogue One

Star Wars was certainly not the fullness of the Christian hope and faith, but a new light was shining in a culture that had only 11 years before celebrated the “Death of God” on the cover of Time.

‘Jesus Has Defeated Hell’

Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi says God is present amid “turbulence, persecution, and wickedness.”

Bishop: ‘No More’ to Abuse

Bishop Scott B. Hayashi is part of a series of TV ads that say “No More” to abuse of women.

Minnesota anger and the angry God

Anger can be just, but hatred and indiscriminate revenge never can be.

Pa. Bishop Asks for Discernment

“As a church, as apprentices of Christ, we must step forward in some way to approach this evil epidemic.”

Faith and hope after the Louisiana flood

A few days after the flooding started, I met an elderly African American lady who had lost everything. She looked me in the eyes and said: “I think God wants to use this to bring us all together.”

‘Mind the Gap’

The Rev. Tony Bleything reflects on this week’s violence in Milwaukee.

Gunmen Attack Bishop’s Home

Christians in the diocese wonder why gunmen would storm the house of a bishop who has maintained neutrality.


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