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Honor, Shame, and the Gospel in the American South, Part II

In “Honor, Shame, and the Gospel in the American South, Part I,” I identified several challenges that the mimetic rivalry that race-based slavery and...

Violence and Lament, Justice, Peace, and Hope

A Sermon for Parents’ Weekend, 2023 at St. James School He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require...

A Good Day

Esther 8:15-9:19 By Amber Noel What makes for a good day? A walk in the park with your dog? Stopping by the café for a hot...

Body, Broken

Violence, Trauma, and the Eucharist Content warning: violence, trauma, abuse. By Hannah King Two years ago my brother died violently. I did not witness the end of...

On Apocalyptic Mobs

By Mark Perkins  “He who holds to the truth holds to God.” — Romano Guardini A mob is an apocalypse, a conflagration casting fiery light on what was...

Curry, Other Bishops Condemn Insurrection

“In the moment of a national crisis, a moment of great danger … a people must decide, ‘Who shall we be?’” Curry said, offering a stark choice between further chaos and beloved community.

The Toughness of Salvation

The novelist dares the reader to consider the toughness of salvation, the blood of it, and the way we may need for love to be harsh in order to be saved.

Hong Kong Bishops Call for Tolerance, Mutual Trust in Protest-Wracked City

“We need to remember that benevolent thoughts come from God while wicked intentions originate in the 'evil one,' Satan."

Guilt and Persecution

Bp. Philip Mountstephen: “There is a lot of post-colonial guilt around a residual sense that the Christian faith is an expression of white Western privilege.”

Haiti: Stay or Go

Increasing unrest, advisories to leave the country, and dwindling supplies reveal how missionaries grapple with potential life-or-death questions.


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