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Vatican II

Doctrine Develops, and So Does Liturgy

By Jonathan Mitchican One of the biggest intellectual challenges to my journey into full communion with the Catholic Church was the idea that doctrine develops....

The Failures of Reform: A Response to Cavadini, Healy, and Weinandy

By Samuel Keyes Theologians John Cavadini, Mary Healy, and Thomas Weinandy recently published a series of essays as “A Synoptic Look at the Failures and...

Church as Family

By Neil Dhingra Should we think of the church as a family? Tolstoy famously wrote, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in...

‘The First Post-conciliar Pope’

A half-century after Vatican II, Pope Francis has moved the church past any conception of itself as a “perfect society” defined by separation from the world.

The claims of conscience

The conscience is not sovereign. God, who sits as judge on the last day, is sovereign.

Atheists at prayer for Christmas

Spencer Case: “Dear God, I have come to the conclusion you probably don’t exist, but I’ve also come to the conclusion that any one view I hold may turn out to be mistaken, however unlikely the odds seem.”

A Catholic on the Reformation

The Holy Spirit has given gifts to all people who love Jesus and follow him as Lord.

Bringing back the ’Gesimas: A liturgical proposal

Pruned of the Gesimas, Lent is a far less coherent season. Ash Wednesday comes out of the blue, as congregants spent the Sunday prior contemplating the splendors of the Holy Mount.

Worship or works? Engaging Michael Curry and Richard Rohr

Christian worship and Christian ethics are inextricably bound up together.

A Catholic observer in Rome?

When all roads to union seem closed, perhaps the only way forward is more blood, more tears, more prayer, and, above all, more love.


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