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War (II)

In the last two years since the beginning of the war against Ukraine, it has become even more clear that the conflict is existential,...

Bishop in Europe Describes Ukrainian Catastrophe

The Rt. Rev. Mark Edington spoke at a meeting of the Province II Synod, which includes the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe.


By John Bauerschmidt Russia’s attack on Ukraine has already borne out the insight that the course of history is marked by surprising events. Surprising, of...

The Ghosts of Kyiv

By Olivia Kew-Fickus  When I was a student in Kyiv in the 1990s, I was welcomed whole-heartedly into a vibrant community of young, educated Ukrainians,...

Churches Address Crisis in Ukraine

For the first time in decades, devout Christians are killing one another on a vast scale over claims of territory and geopolitical power.

Episcopalians Seek to Help in Ukraine

By Kirk Petersen When disaster strikes, Episcopalians who want to help often look for a way to do so through the church. The plight of...

The Crisis of Faith that is Ukraine

By Mark Edington As I write these words, units of the Russian army have moved across the national boundary into the eastern areas of Ukraine. As you...

Council Roundup: Budget, Russia-Ukraine, LGBT

The council provided some financial relief to dioceses from a multi-million-dollar surplus

Lamentabili voce

Many, including myself, looked on with profound respect earlier this year when several Russian Orthodox monks from a monastery of the Kiev caves placed themselves between disgruntled Ukrainians and the government police in what appeared to be a peace protest. The politics of these gestures, however, were inevitably more complicated than met the eye.


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