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Exodus and Tiramisu

Exodus 12:33-14:31 By Amber Noel This section of Exodus reminds me irresistibly of tiramisu. Or perhaps lasagna. No — let’s stick with tiramisu. Starting with chapter...

When We Make Mistakes in Our Prayers

By Mary Foulger I was embarrassed. I had been so excited to pray with some of the important leaders in my Christian organization. Perhaps I would...

A Covenant for Walsingham

Anglican and Roman Catholic leaders at Walsingham have signed a covenant affirming their joint ministry.

All we, like turtles: my journeys with Psalm 23

Sister Mary Margaret Funk carries her home — her spiritual center, her place of connection with God — wherever she goes.

A conversation with a storm

When I felt I had seen its worst, I had something to say to the storm: “I am not afraid of you!”

Gracious acceptance

Our post-Communion prayer affirms that we aren’t merely tolerated by God. No, we are graciously accepted.

Mary: An icon of faith, trust, and humility

Humility is a good attribute for a monarch, or for a priest — indeed, for all Christians, since all Christians share in the royal priesthood of Christ.

Communion Across Difference

A Statement of the Mind of the House of Bishops

On the harrowing of hell

Sam Keyes responds to a question submitted to the Covenant blog regarding the harrowing of hell.

Nevada Cuts Assessment

Bishop Dan Thomas Edwards: “We are going to try faith, trust, compassion, mercy.”


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