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Personhood, Relationship, and Being

Christos Yannaras is relatively unknown among Christian readers in the West. He writes and lectures exclusively in Greek and only a handful of his...

The Trinity in Arabic

As part of my class on the Trinity this year, I looked into Arabic Christian theology. This stuff isn’t well known by Western theologians,...

Fathers, Children, and Gifts: A Brief Reflection on the Name of the First Person of the Trinity

Expansive language presses against the limits of the worst habits of our theological imaginations, especially, for instance, assuming we know what a word like “father” means.

Genealogy, Marriage, and the Word: A Response to Christopher Brittain

Scripture is replete with genealogies. Indeed, the Bible as a whole could be called one great genealogical narrative.

15 Principles on Liturgical Language and Revision

Our simplest words can become idols.

Biblical Trinitarian Language for Those in Need

It is possible to pray with, to, and within the Trinity using biblical language and yet without words that have masculine and patriarchal overtones in common English usage. Pray, I suggest, in the name of the one God: Abba, Christ, and Holy Spirit.

The Trinitarian Theology of Morning Prayer

Our beloved BCP takes us, every morning, right to the heart of the most vital and serious of theological issues.

Liturgical Revision and a New Conception of God

Have Christians every believed God is an old man in the sky? And do we need to revise our liturgy because of this?

The Trinity, Orthodoxy, and Our Common Story

We have the word of Jesus to rely upon: he and the Father are one, that the Holy Spirit will come among us, that we now have the glorious gift of calling God Our Father.

Descent of the Holy Spirit

God is in the business of building communion and extending his family.


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