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On the Necessity of Transparency in Title IV Proceedings

At the 2018 General Convention, the House of Bishops offered a Listening Liturgy to acknowledge and lament the pain caused by clergy and others...

Seen and Unseen: Unveiling and Addressing A Hidden Obstacle to Church Renewal

By Mark Edington Whatever accounts for our character and institutions will also account for our values, which themselves belong to, and are effective and intelligible...

Grace and Daily Life

This book is a memoir and yet doubles as a devotional, especially for mothers and wives who fret about the day-to-day messiness of their lives.

Executive Council Debates Access

Council members seek balance between their bylaws and private discussion of difficult topics.

Staff Prevails on Secrecy

Executive Council approves redacting amounts for clergy housing allowances.

The Doctrine of Inevitability

Statements about “the wrong side of history” are historically naïve.


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