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Learning Latin from Fr. Reginald Foster

Reginald became a celebrity, a myth, in part, of his own making, which functioned as an effective advertising campaign. Students came because he was a great Latinist, but they also came because of the stories they heard about him.

Taught by Strange Words

Sometimes a strange word in a Bible reading or a liturgical text may be a stumbling block to one “almost persuaded” (Acts 26:28). We discover new things in old texts, or hear words intended for building up used only to tear down. Just how much time do we have to explain in an age of shortened attention spans and sporadic Sunday attendance?

Translating the Trinity

Much of our prayer is already an exercise in translation. We seem to forget in our liturgical debates that even the Scriptures and the Creeds were not revealed to us in English.

Translation ‘Fell Through a Crack’

Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves apologizes for the lack of translation of the covenant document that touched off a confrontation.

Clear Communication and the Necessity of Evangelism

Do we really want to be heard? Or is Church just a table for our friends?

Translators Complete Dictionary

Bob Lunt and many other contributors have finished a 40-year project on a Wichi-Spanish dictionary.

‘God speaks my language’: A conversation on Bible translation with Andrew Atagotaaluk and Jonas Allooloo

When they finished translating the Bible into Inuktikut, many came up saying, "Now God speaks my language!”

Note on the Collect for Candlemas

Metaphysics can indeed be confusing in this anti-metaphysical age, but it's hard to see how it is "helpful" to avoid it altogether.


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