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Long Island’s Covenant of Prayer

“No cell phones, no computers, no TV or newspapers. Just each of us and Jesus as a way to help change the tone and tenor of the world that God has given into our care.”

Common prayer, common purpose

By Robert Hendrickson Editor’s note: This is the fifth piece in The Living Church’s Necessary or Expedient? teaching series in prayer book revision. It appeared in...

Seoul missions conference: Conversions and transformations

Bishop Graham Kings reports on the recent conference of the International Association for Mission Studies, in Seoul.

Julian for the whole of our lives

The most wonderful thing about Julian, as a mystic, theological friend, and spiritual companion, is that she does more than just tell us about God. She actually shares with us her own incomplete, decades-long process of coming to terms with her experience of a God of love who is actually at work, in all things, in each moment.

Relentlessly Baptismal

In Knight of Cups, filmmaker Terrence Malick presents a harrowing dramatization of an active God.

What happens when eros meets agape?

Why shouldn't Mary Magdalene touch the Risen Lord?

Where do we begin?

If you and I cannot recognize that we are a “damn mess,” then I’m not sure what Christianity can offer.

Jonathan Daniels Fellows, 2015

Seminarians studying in Chicago, Nashville, and Rochester receive the Jonathan M. Daniels Memorial Fellowship.


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