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¡Todos son bienvenidos!

Six Mexican Parishes that Offer Services in English When many Americans took longer summer holidays, Episcopalians often attended one of the many seasonal chapels dotting...

Welcome to Austin

The travel site Expedia.com ranks Austin as the coolest city in the country, based on a variety of factors, including arts and entertainment, dining options, and the like.

Fees Hurt Cathedral Visits

Visit England reports a 12 percent drop among destinations that charge an entry fee.

Retratos de Trinidad (Portraits of Trinity)

Photo essay: Trinidad, in south-central Cuba, is home to colorful buildings in a labyrinth of narrow streets.

Googling St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s in downtown Syracuse uses the popular Street View service to open its doors wider.

Church Doubts Bell’s Legend

The Rev. Adam Yates: “We’re not really sure how old it is.”

Bermuda’s Anglican Way Station

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald • “An old church has the feeling of a place where God has met his people for a long time.”


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