EfM Expands its Texts

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald • Education for Ministry will no longer rely on a single guidebook.

Leonel L. Mitchell (1930-2012)

The Rev. Canon Leonel L. Mitchell, one of the scholars responsible for the Book of Common Prayer (1979), died May 23 in South Bend, Indiana. The veteran liturgist and theologian was 81.

Tuning in Theology

By Anthony D. Baker What if the crowded dinner table were as suitable an icon of theological scholarship as the cloistered desk?

Call for Papers 2012

The Living Church is pleased to announce the third annual Student Essays in Christian Wisdom competition.

Honoring Oliver O’Donovan

By Mark L. MacDonald We are unanimous in our conviction that O’Donovan’s work is transformative and unique in its relevance to the Church’s present and future.