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theological exegesis

Can It Be Forgotten?

In my second year of graduate school, I had the opportunity to take a course called “What Is Scripture?” with the prominent Jewish philosopher...

On Reading the Exodus Plagues as a Christian

Exodus 8:1–10:11 By Joseph Mangina If the book of Genesis is all about life — creation, fecundity, promise, blessing — then the book of Exodus is...

Reading Scripture Well (Part 1)

Reading Scripture as if it were primarily “about God” certainly yields an array of important insights.

Respecting the Mystery: On Christian Doctrine

Christian doctrine functions, above all, as a safeguard for mystery. It holds in flaming tension what would otherwise devolve into drab truisms.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Brazos Theological Commentary

Sustained, disciplined reading of this series is an outstanding way for a local pastor to engage with the participants in a great collective effort to renew the faithful interpretation of the Scriptures in and for the Church.

Paul, the Reformers, and Perspectives New and Old

If we are to choose between the Reformers and the "New Perspective," we must first read them both.

The future of biblical interpretation

I recommend this collection as an introduction to the state of contemporary theological hermeneutics, though, in candor, the recommendation is lukewarm.

Christ in the Old Testament: the story of a seminar

What ties the project of theological exegesis together? Can we read the Old Testament allegorically and christologically? If so, what are the controls?


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