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theological education

Deans: Placement Rates High

Many Episcopal seminaries say more than 90 percent of graduates are placed within six months.

Fragmented formation: training clergy

Most of the conversation on ministerial formation is a load of crock. I suspect we engage in a little false advertising along the lines of: "Be transformed in three easy steps or your money back."

Steven Peay to Lead Nashotah

Bp. Daniel Martins: Fr. Peay will oversee a “seamless transition from the ministry of Bishop Edward Salmon.”

Conflicts Halt EDS Review

Faculty, trustees contend with each other through social media.

New Dean for Berkeley

The Rev. Andrew McGowan has been appointed president and dean of Berkeley Divinity School at Yale.

Clavier to Lead St. Michael’s

The Archbishop of Wales has appointed the Rev. Mark Clavier as acting principal of the struggling St. Michael’s College, Cardiff.

‘The Way of Wisdom’ at GTS

General Theological Seminary will change its style of education beginning in the fall of 2015.

Some theses on ‘political theology’

If education does not produce a profound sense of one’s own finitude, then one deserves to hear only the judgment of God: ‘Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?’ (Job 38:2)

Ten Theses for Seminaries

By George Sumner The radical structural change foretold in the Pusey Report of 1967 is upon us.


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