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theological education

Educators Launch Books Together

Two former principals of St. Michael’s College, Cardiff, are getting together to launch their new books in the New Year.

First Seminary Grads in Gambella

The first seven graduates of St. Frumentius’ Anglican Theological College in Gambella, Ethiopia, have received their certificates.

Ashby to Lead High Desert School for Ministry

A new three-year formation program is a joint project of the dioceses of Eastern Oregon and Idaho.

Deans Oppose Seminary Investigation

Lisa Kimball of VTS: “[A] mandated resolution that begins with the word investigation … is far more likely to foster skepticism, resentment, suspicion, and ultimately resistance.”

Toward a New Vision for Formation

Too often the study of Scripture and theology is done at arm's length, like a scientist engaging in vivisection.

Memories of Lindbeck

Reflections from Cyril O’Regan, Bishop R. Guy Erwin, Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt, Joseph L. Mangina, Bruce D. Marshall, Michael Root, and Caleb Congrove.

Nashotah Dean Advances

Nashotah House Theological Seminary promotes Garwood Anderson from acting dean and president to interim dean and president.

‘Time makes ancient truths uncouth’

A great many senior figures in the Church no longer value the work of full-time theological colleges.

A future for formation

Formation in community would necessarily be more holistic and less systematic.

‘Theological’ theology and ministerial training

Ministerial training has increasingly moved towards the “practical” and the ethical, and away from the doctrinal and the abstract. What is implicitly said is that what matters is that ministers can offer pastoral care and lead communities in improving society


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