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the resurrection

The ‘E-Word’

A rector tells the story of publicizing an adult forum that she called “The E-word.” She didn’t tell her class members what the E-word was,...

Thinking About Death in Easter

By Victor Lee Austin Eastertide is a good time to think clearly about death, for the simple reason that in Christ’s resurrection everything about death...

Diabolical Easter: A Letter

By Charlie Clauss From time to time the strangest things happen. This letter falling into my hands is not the strangest to have happened in...

Resurrection and the Hope of the Future

By Ian Olson Where is the substance of hope for the future found? Is there a basis for believing that justice will ever be served...

The Church Needs an Ancient Faith if It Is to Survive

Lawrence Lew, OP | Flickr | https://bit.ly/2NOVIyz

Too Good to Be True?

Reflections on the Resurrection of Jesus By Bryan Owen If it seems too good to be true, it probably is! We’ve all heard and perhaps used that...

Good News for the Whole Creation

 Mark 15:1-16:20 By Bryan Owen As we bring our journey through the Gospel according to Mark to a close, we come to the climax of the...

Of Literal Resurrection and Spiritual Communion

By Elizabeth Anderson There are a handful of predictable theological debates that seem to crop up at certain times of the liturgical year. Is purple...

Transformed by Jesus

May our reading of John’s Gospel inspire us to write more chapters of the good news of Jesus by sharing the power of his forgiveness and the hope of his resurrection with the world God loves so much.

Ain’t no grave: A response to George Clifford

Can Christians believe in life after death? According to Episcopal priest George Clifford, the short answer is “No.”


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