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the presentation

Offering Our Selves

As Christ offered himself, we offer ourselves to God as a living sacrifice in Christ.

The Wonderful and Strange Name of Jesus

When we say the name Jesus, we are identifying someone who is incommunicably singular and inexhaustibly strange.

An Unsentimental Family

The Holy Family's faith is neither sentimental nor easy nor even stable.

The meditation of Simeon

Because of His visitation, we may no longer desire God as if He were lacking: our redemption is no longer a question of pursuit but of surrender to Him who is always and everywhere present.

Presentation, Finding

The infant Savior convenes the assembly of his visible Body for the praise and glory of his own Name.

Whom do you see, O Simeon?

After the Primates' Meeting, while we've agonized over our church’s and culture’s priorities in faithfulness to God, I have found my own balance in...


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