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The Living Church Institute

Seeking Communion in the Midst of Disagreement

A diverse panel of bishops, theologians and church officials gather insights from classic sources and contemporary ecumenical theology to help Anglicans retain a common life in the midst of deep doctrinal differences.

The Living Church Welcomes New Editors

Mark Michael, Eugene Schlesinger, and Kirk Petersen join the team.

The Gospel and the University Campus

Is education primarily about employability?

Deepening Roots

For a second year, a Boston conference has given Anglo-Catholics a place to consider their history and future.

Faith Talks: Reframing Christian Education

The Living Church Institute’s Faith Talks series continues to consider Christian education in our time.

Faith Talks: Evangelism in a Post-Christian Culture

The Living Church Institute’s Faith Talks series resumed in Dallas on September 27.

Faith Talks: Liturgy and Economy

The Rev. Nathan Jennings spoke on “Liturgy and the Inside-Out Economy” at the third gathering of the Living Church Institute’s Faith Talks series.

Faith Talks: Loneliness

Four panelists discussed “Shaping Christian Community in a Lonely World” March 6 in the second meeting of Faith Talks.


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