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the anglican communion

Against Anglican Myopia: GAFCON, Canterbury, and Lambeth

Anglicanism is good, but it is not ultimate, only provisional. Only Jesus Christ is ultimate, and one day, even if only on the Last Day, all denominational identities will give way to the creedal and confessed one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.

Between GAFCON and General Convention: Means and Ends of Catholic Truth

We must not fail to place the steps of a General Convention within the comprehensive, world-historical frame of the gospel.

Filling in the Global Map for the Anglican Communion

Let’s fill in the map and not rest on the accomplishments of the 19th century.

No safe place except hope: Global struggles and the Anglican vocation

We cannot found our Christian witness on a few contested social practices, like same-sex marriage, nor measure our hope on the basis of our success in struggles to have them rejected or accepted.

No safe place except hope: A scriptural response to the Anthropocene

We are told in Scripture of a time of judgment, not in order to despair, but in order to be true.

No safe place except hope: The Anthropocene epoch

I do not believe the current developments over same-sex marriage in our churches represent a critical threshold moment. That moment, as I will point out, passed long ago in some sense.

Quo vadis? The primates, the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion

Do the primates have the legislative authority to make such a pronouncement? No. But our bond and common identity as Anglicans is not governed by law but by the grace of relationships.

An Anglican anti-corruption movement?

Josiah Idowu-Fearon, the new Secretary General of the Anglican Communion, raised some eyebrows recently in an interview with Christian Today (Aug. 6, 2015). He...


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