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Sunday school

Sunday School Gets a Pandemic Reboot

COVID-19 pandemic conditions have accelerated a process that reformers have longed to see: making Sunday school less academic, more experience-oriented, and more intergenerational.

Rebuilding a culture of teaching and learning

In the early church, instruction of the mind and the conversion of the heart were not alternatives, but two sides of the same coin.

Will our children have faith? John Westerhoff’s question after 40 years

Thousands of seminarians have read John H. Westerhoff III’s Will Our Children Have Faith? and it has guided countless parishes and denominational offices in their Christian education programs.

9 pieces of advice for starting a new children’s ministry

When I married a priest, I cut a deal with him. “No children’s ministry,” I made him swear. “Not now, not ever.”

Mrs. Truax and the importance of Sunday School

Every Sunday, throughout most of my elementary school years, Mrs. Truax taught a class of one: me.

Rally Day ruminations: the problem with Sunday School

I think we've told Christian parents that it's not their job to be the teachers and spiritual leaders in their families.


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