New: 9/23 TLC Online

In the cover essay of the Sept. 23 TLC, Richard Mammana writes about the light verse of S.J. Forest.

Online: 9/2 TLC

Michael Wallens: “A number of the Hispanic families get really nervous, even the ones that are here legally.”

New: 7/1 TLC Online

This edition includes Kirk Petersen’s survey of the charms awaiting bishops and deputies in Austin.

New: June 3 TLC Online

In this edition, news editor Matthew Townsend writes about the challenges faced by the Diocese of Québec.

5/20 TLC Online

The May 20 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.

New: April 22 TLC Online

W.L. Prehn writes: “Saint James School was the mother lode for much subsequent prospecting in Episcopal education.”

New: 4/8 TLC Online

In the April 8 edition of TLC, G. Jeffrey MacDonald reports on the 47-member General Convention committee that will propose resolutions about sexual harassment and exploitation.

New: 3/25 TLC Now Online

In this edition, the Rev. Todd Sorenson — rector of rector of St. Gregory’s Church in Littleton, Colorado — writes about what he learned since the massacre at Columbine High School in 1999.