New: 8/4 TLC Online

This issue includes coverage of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, which elected a new primate, gave more autonomy to the church's many Indigenous members, and fell short of approving same-sex marriage by the narrowest of margins.

New: 6/9 TLC Online

The cover essay of the June 9 TLC, which draws from a new series of catechetical pamphlets, Anglicans Believe, is an essay on God the Trinity.

New: 5/5 TLC Online

In the May 5 edition of TLC, the Rev. Calvin Lane reviews The Oxford History of Anglicanism, Volume 1.

New: 4/21 TLC Online

In the April 21 edition of TLC, Barbara Talcott discusses the steps she and her colleagues took in helping St. Mark’s School describe its identity.

New: April 7 TLC Online

In the cover story of the April 7 edition, Zachary Guiliano reports on the first Theology Slam in England.

New: 3/24 TLC Online

In the cover essay for this edition, Bishop Daniel H. Martins writes about Lenten disciplines.

New: March 10 TLC Online

In the cover story for the latest TLC, Zachary Guiliano writes about the new vision guiding USPG in its mission work.

New: Feb. 24 TLC Online

In the Feb. 24 edition of TLC, Zachary Guiliano interviews theologian Jane Williams on her book that draws from St. Augustine.

New: Feb. 10 Edition Online

In the Feb. 10 TLC, architect Duo Dickinson writes about the importance of Christopher Alexander’s influence on church design.

New: Jan. 20 TLC Online

In the cover article, TLC correspondent G. Jeffrey MacDonald reports on F3 — a movement for men that emphasizes virtuous leadership.