New: 12/22 TLC Online

Christmas gifts, Christmas book reviews, and the story of a 16th century painting that has found new life as a postage stamp.

New: 12/1 TLC Online

Diocesan dollars for slavery reparations, eyeglasses for the neediest, fighting mood disorders among church workers, and a cover story on the William Blake exhibit at a London museum.

New: 11/3 TLC Online

The 2020 Lambeth Conference is just a few months away, and this issue of TLC offers insights on the historic 1920 conference and the first-ever conference, in 1867.

New: 10/20 TLC Online

The October 20 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. The Liturgical Arts & Music issue includes a story by G. Jeffrey MacDonald about churches that are attracting ne... Read more...

New: 10/6 TLC Online

The cover story for the Education issue describes the Episcopal School of Nashville, which is creating a school from scratch in modular buildings on a rented parking lot.

New: 9/22 TLC Online

This Fall Books issue includes a report from Kirk Petersen about churches in the Appalachians running summer reading camps for kids with reading deficits, and an article by G. Jeffrey MacDonald about monks who are practicing the ancient trade of book-binding as new technology disrupts the market. 

New: 8/4 TLC Online

This issue includes coverage of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, which elected a new primate, gave more autonomy to the church's many Indigenous members, and fell short of approving same-sex marriage by the narrowest of margins.

New: 6/9 TLC Online

The cover essay of the June 9 TLC, which draws from a new series of catechetical pamphlets, Anglicans Believe, is an essay on God the Trinity.