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Southern culture

Honor, Shame, and the Gospel in the American South, Part III

Previous essays in this series have explored the matrix of an honor-shame culture in American Southern history, and how the American church found itself...

Honor, Shame, and the Gospel in the American South, Part II

In “Honor, Shame, and the Gospel in the American South, Part I,” I identified several challenges that the mimetic rivalry that race-based slavery and...

The Marvel of St. Martin’s, Houston

By Christopher Wells On Nov. 10, 1982, Vice President George H.W. Bush found himself in Red Square attending the state funeral of Leonid Brezhnev, General...

Memorials and Magnanimity

The uneasy history of my family leads me to ask hard questions about history itself.

Walker Percy, Doctor of Malaise and Desire

How can the individual find sanity in a sick and dying culture?

Walker Percy: Deep-South Aristocrat

It is clear from Percy’s novels and other published work that he could only have been from the Deep South.

Walker Percy and the Search for Meaning

Humanity’s search for understanding, meaning, and purpose haunted Percy and is a major theme of his oeuvre.

Honor, shame, and the Gospel in the American South: Part I

This series of posts discusses the honor-shame dynamic of the American South, a Christian challenge to injustice that takes into account the region's social paradigm, and Jackson Wu's "4 Keys to Evangelism in Honor-Shame Cultures."


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