Ten Commandments for Social Media

“Each time we interact online we have the opportunity either to add to currents of cynicism and abuse or to choose instead to share light and grace.”

Church Plans Digital Labs Day

About 50 Christians with experience in digital communications will meet Feb. 24 to pool ideas for new apps, websites, and social media campaigns.

Long Island’s Covenant of Prayer

“No cell phones, no computers, no TV or newspapers. Just each of us and Jesus as a way to help change the tone and tenor of the world that God has given into our care.”

Gumbo Evangelism

Mary Brennan: “People love recipes. We thought we could add some faith information.”

Acts 8’s Easter Gift

A free video, available in nine languages, helps Episcopalians invite friends to church.

NECA Plugs In

The Network of Episcopal Clergy Associations has launched a new website.