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Uncomfortable Genealogy

The Yankee is comfortable in his complacency about racial inequality in the United States, imagining himself unsullied by the slaving stains of American history....

Healing the Breach: Thinking Theologically About Reparations

We’ve reached a point in the history of our nation, our Church, and our Communion when we need to balance celebration of gains made in reconciliation and community building with ongoing and disciplined excavations of the “stony road” people of African descent have traversed.

Reparations: No Black-and-White Solution

The question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is how to determine who is eligible to receive reparations payments. Suggested eligibility requirements are contested and would probably cause bitter disputes.

Two More Dioceses Announce Racial Reconciliation Funds

The Dioceses of Georgia and Long Island make atonement financially.

New York Diocese Earmarks $1.1 Million for Slavery Reparations

By Kirk Petersen The Diocese of New York has committed $1.1 million dollars of its endowment to reparations for slavery, to redress what Bishop Andrew...

Descendents of Enslaved People and Owners Unite in Maryland

When a Baltimore church discovered that the ancestors of one parishioner had enslaved the ancestors of another, they set out on a journey of healing and atonement.

VTS Breaks Ground in Funding Reparations

Virginia Theological Seminary is creating a $1.7 million endowment that will fund “activities and programs that promote justice and inclusion,” including “the particular needs of any descendants of enslaved persons that worked at the Seminary.”

An Episcopal Pilgrimage for Racial Justice in SW Virginia

Confronting the horrors of slavery, 400 years after the first enslaved Africans landed in Virginia.

Bishop Urges Consideration of Reparations

The Diocese of Maryland unanimously supported reparations at its diocesan convention.

Churches Combat Modern Slavery

A new Safe Car Wash app helps customers boycott abusive employers.


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