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sifting the stream

Coleridge: Stained-Glass Pioneers, Christian Wiman against Despair, and Nick Cave’s Yearning

Coleridge is a monthly digest of noteworthy items in theology and the arts. Art Pending lectures include, on February 8 in London, “Balthazar: The Third Man...

Bowie, Rickman, and the end of virtue

Celebrities are our secular saints. So when a celebrity dies, especially unexpectedly, there is a strange murmur that runs through our culture.

Can girls be heroes?

The heroes that we are asked to emulate in popular fiction are almost always men. Supergirl is trying to change that.

The romance of the priesthood

I will not say that Call the Midwife has revived my sense of awe at the priesthood and the Catholic life, but it certainly has helped to fan the flames of my heart. Sometimes television stokes my mind. Sometimes it makes me laugh. Rarely does it feed my soul. Call the Midwife does all of these things. It makes me cry big, stupid tears of joy and sorrow.

Sons of Anarchy and the absence of grace

Sons of Anarchy is first and foremost a show about what it is like to live in a world without grace, a world where the law reigns and the Gospel is in short supply.

The Sculptor and the search for meaning

So many of the great artists of our generation are consumed by the task of trying to find a way of coping with a meaningless world.


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