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A Bronze Serpent Processional Cross

Yes, that’s a snake. A bronze serpent, actually — you know the story — set aloft on steel, which serves as the new Lenten...

Honor, Shame, and the Gospel in the American South, Part III

Previous essays in this series have explored the matrix of an honor-shame culture in American Southern history, and how the American church found itself...

Honor, Shame, and the Gospel in the American South, Part II

In “Honor, Shame, and the Gospel in the American South, Part I,” I identified several challenges that the mimetic rivalry that race-based slavery and...

Shame in the Light of the Gospel

"The Gospel does not make sense, unless you have a heart to enter your own shame."

Moving beyond ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’

Recent years have seen a growing backlash against Harris’s youthful literary indiscretions.

Honor, shame, and the Gospel in the American South: Part I

This series of posts discusses the honor-shame dynamic of the American South, a Christian challenge to injustice that takes into account the region's social paradigm, and Jackson Wu's "4 Keys to Evangelism in Honor-Shame Cultures."

If you love Brené Brown, you might believe in original sin

You might not buy the story that grounds Christianity’s doctrine of original sin. But if you take Christianity’s doctrine of original sin and put it side-by-side with Dr. Brown’s assertions about shame, guilt, and perfectionism, you'll find they line up more closely than you first expected.


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