Sexuality Conflict Roils ACNA

By Kirk Petersen The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), which split from the Episcopal Church (TEC) more than a decade ago in part because of disagreement over human sexuality, now finds itself embroil... Read more...

New C of E Resource for Discernment on Sexuality

A 468-page book and associated teaching materials are designed to help the Church of England begin “a new process of discernment and decision-making on questions of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage” over the next two years.

Synod Takes Up Poverty

Bishop Stephen Conway: “If anything were to happen to me, then my cat stands a better chance [of receiving care] than the average homeless person.”

Curriculum Asks and Tells

“Gifts from God: Spirituality and Sexuality” strives for holy listening and candid discussion.

Consequences Return

The Scottish Episcopal Church faces the same consequences as the U.S.-based Episcopal Church.