Montreal’s Anglican & United Church Seminaries Join

Montreal Diocesan Theological College, one of the Anglican Church of Canada’s 12 official seminaries, announced January 22 that it is entering into a strategic alliance with the United Theological College, a seminary of the pan-Protestant United Church of Canada.

Union Seminary’s Tower Preview

Patch: “Union Theological Seminary is partnering with developers Lendlease and L+M Development to build a new 40-story tower on its campus.”

Layman Leads Nashotah House

Garwood P. Anderson has been appointed as the first layman to lead Nashotah House Theological Seminary as provost and president.

Theology Upon the Granite

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Atlantic School of Theology continues its 47-year tradition of adapting to a challenging environment and a changing church.

Bishops Kill Seminaries Inquiry

Bishops have defeated Resolution A007 that proposed investigating how Episcopal seminaries operate in areas from budgeting to sharing their resources.