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Facing Episcopal Church Decline – the Latest Numbers

By David Goodhew The Episcopal Church has published new statistics from the annual parochial reports, covering 2019. They build on what we have hitherto learnt...

The Desecularisation of the City

Anglicanism needs to adjust its understanding of the city. It was once at the forefront of the spread of secularity. London shows that it is so no longer. d

Mission in Europe and the Future of Anglicanism

Decline is profound in many places, but there are heartening areas of vitality and new life.

Facing More Episcopal Church Decline

It has to be said that the news is bad.

Facing Episcopal Church decline

New analysis offers clarity on the numerical fortunes of the Episcopal Church (TEC) in the USA in recent decades.

Restoring a scriptural imagination in a secular age

We must learn to read the Scriptures again as a history of salvation that implicates our future.

Secularization and a renewal of ecumenical dialogue

Secularization is fundamentally about a break in the chain of memory. Ecumenical dialogue attuned to its problems would focus on a common project to spread the gospel to every corner of the world.

Happy Egg Days to You

Growing numbers of Easter-season candy eggs are mum on Easter.

Through the (Cuban) looking-glass

I would propose that the secularization of our society be greeted by Christians with a warm and enthusiastic embrace, veritably with a kiss.

Reading a sign of the times

For starters, it's a $17 hamburger. That alone merits at least a raised eyebrow.


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