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Read This Before You Accept that Call to Be Rector

Questions for a Prospective Rector Candidate to Ask the Search Committee The calling of a new rector is a discernment process for both the candidate...

Twenty Helps When Looking for a Move

Since I have been kicking around the church as a priest on both sides of the Atlantic for more than fifty years, I was recently asked if I had a few tips when searching for another call. I came up with this rag-tag selection of ideas. When he read them, my friend suggested these might be helpful to others at a transition point in their ordained life. So I offer them to that end.

Transitions: saying Goodbye, saying Hello

In the fall, Calvin Lane wrote on the search process in clergy transitions. This follow up post explores the practical details involved in ending pastoral relationships and beginning new ones.

Transitions: the search process

Pastors come and pastors go. I am in the middle of that at this moment, an experience that many of us have had on either side of the pulpit.


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