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How to Save a Dying Church

If you’re a Christian in the West chances are your church is in decline. And if you are a mainline Christian in the West well, you had a good run.

The past no paradise: Returning to The Innocent Curate

I plead for the renewed reading of The Innocent Curate, as a general portrait of an Episcopal Church in the heyday of its mid-20th-century revival.

Stigmata at Schinderhook

The Innocent Curate, Paris Leary’s heavily criticized roman à clef from 1963, is now a collector’s item.

Truth with teeth: The study of satire and our study of the Bible

Satire can quickly become toothless, selling itself for an easy laugh.

Liturgical revision kills trees

Among Episcopalians, paper usage is the eighth sacrament, and paper waste the ninth.

The new Areopagus: a 21st-century speech

Andrew Petiprin on a new fragment of the Apostle Paul's speech to the Areopagus.

St. Blasé’s welcomes you!

An interview In which an everyday journalist meets a typical Episcopal parish, in all its love for the blessing of animals and the "hypothetical Buddhists" down the street.

Apple, TEC announce joint venture

The new partnership aims to redefine the way Christian discipleship is done, address intractable demographic trends in the Episcopal Church, and catalyze technology-led ecclesial change.

Ambassadors for the Gospel

Whereas in the course of the progress of the reign of God it becomes necessary for the Church to dissolve the bonds which hinder it from assuming an equal station among the principalities and powers of the earth

St. Paul Speaks!

“When one has faced down a shouting mob of enraged goddess worshipers, enduring one voluble fortune-teller is fairly simple.”


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