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It’s All About Me

It was sometime in August when, listening to a daily Ignatian meditation, I came to see that the parables may not actually be about...

Is there more to the Christian Life than Grace? A Pentecost Reflection

We all know it – one of the key verses that unlocked the Protestant Reformation: “For it is by grace you have been saved,...

Learning to Be God’s Child

Unlike me, God is patient. God is good. God doesn’t need us to pay attention to him but he keeps working at us anyway.

‘Obedience the Remedy’

The two key works of John Henry Newman, written while he was still Anglican, present at least an implicit theory of a Catholic virtue ethic.

How to give God a gift

We want to glorify God by giving him everything we have. What could we possibly give him that would amplify in any way the radiance that he already possesses?

Being French: training clergy 2

Since the Reformation, the Christian Faith has been reduced to being equated with what happens in the gray matter between our ears. It has focused on believing, rather than belonging or being.

The sanctification of Jeb

Blaise Pascal once drew an analogy between man’s relationship with dogs and God’s relationship with man. I was reminded of this one morning.

My son’s autism is making me holy (and I hate it)

Our lives center around my son’s autism. It is the compass that keeps us ever pointing away from ourselves and towards some unknown horizon.

Holiness in Holy Week

Sanctification is about finding ourselves within Christ's pilgrimage to the cross.


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