Same-sex Marriage Update

Essay drafts will soon be sent to theologians, ethicists, pastors, social scientists, and educators.

Archbishop Hiltz Responds

The Anglican Church of Canada’s primate has written to seven bishops about their dissent from General Synod.

3 Bishops Respond to Synod

Indigenous bishops: “That our elders have not been a part of this conversation … is a flaw in the process.”

3 New Bishops for Toronto

A Métis ambassador of reconciliation, a partnered gay man, and an evangelical are newly elected suffragan bishops.

Evaluate a Study Guide

The Task Force on the Study of Marriage is studying responses to its Dearly Beloved toolkit.

Bishops Plan De Facto Change

The bishops of Niagara and Ottawa authorize same-sex marriage in their dioceses after canon change fails by one vote.

Bishops Affirm ‘Sankofa’

Bishops in dialogue promote the concept of sankofa (“It is not a taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind”).