Marriage Task Force Reports

“Part of our charge is to consider the challenges and opportunities of the changing societal norms around marriage.”

Blessings with Revisions

The Rt. Rev. Steven A. Miller grants his permission to bless same-sex couples in civil marriages.

Waiting on the Court

Guidelines may follow for clergy and congregations in the Diocese of Virginia.

ARC-USA Studies Moral Visions

“It is hard to see how our differences in moral theology and ecclesiology will be resolved, and it is not clear to many whether they should be.”

‘Live as a Global Church’

“We need to learn to live as a global church in a local context and never to imagine that we’re just a local church.”

Pittsburgh OKs Blessings

The Bishop of Pittsburgh has granted permission for clergy to use a provisional rite for blessing same-sex couples.

Face Time for the SCLM

Ruth Meyers: Online meetings “give no space for the informal times that allow relationships to develop.”

Bishop Doubts Blessing Rite

The Rt. Rev. Steven Andrew Miller of Milwaukee “simply cannot agree” that the authorized rite “is a theologically sound development.”