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Augustine and Pelagianism: Myth, Heresy, and Orthodoxy

Pelagius did not in fact hold the majority of the positions ascribed to him. What does this mean for orthodoxy?

Getting Saved

Is our gospel really the good news of Jesus?

Easter is bonkers

God despises bores. Easter reminds us of this. Put the redemption of the world into our hands, and we’d come up with something unimaginative, uninspiring, and probably much too believable.

Cæli enarrant: Thorns, Cross, Crucifixion

Until our own end, Christ’s Passion remains the singular source of salvation and holiness — in the sacraments, and in our love of him by acts of penance, reparation, and solidarity.

Details matter: On the disciplines

True vocation, true work, is not a distraction from something more important.

All you need is (God’s) love: Atonement and the Cross

God’s love is something counter-cultural, offensive, and ego-insulting. It is not free, but costly.

Beauty will save the world

We’ve forgotten what art is for. We need places to live, work, and worship: They are useful for us when they reflect our value as creatures of Beauty itself.

Mysterium fidei

For Christians, the Paschal mystery is the hub from which all the spokes of the wheel emanate.

Pastoral Care in Death’s Path

By Steve Waring • After brushes with death, people “don’t want their rector to scoff at their most cherished, precious memories.”

Dead and gone?

Our concept of communion with the departed is anchored in our theology of Baptism. Baptism begins eternal life.


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