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George Fox, Episcopal Saint

In a recent conversation, a Roman Catholic student of mine asked: “Do Episcopalians have saints?” Well, yes, we do. In the Apostles’ Creed, we proclaim...

‘Blood of Christ, Inebriate Me’

By Mac Stewart  When I was a kid, I wasn’t so crazy about the date of my birth: April 29. It was toward the end...

Way Back Wednesday: Parish Transitions, Dedicatory Plaques and the Communion of Saints

By Eugene R. Schlesinger The first time I set foot inside my parish was to clean it. Over the course of the pandemic, my family and...

The Problems of Hagiography

By Zachary Guiliano The Christian Church has no shortage of saints. This may come as some surprise to many, who associate the Church primarily with...

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

By Neil Dhingra Famously, Dorothy Day once said, “Don’t call me a saint. I don’t want to be dismissed that easily.” The writer Robert Ellsberg,...

Nov. 8: Ammonius the Earless, Hermit, 4th Century

To avoid ordination, he cut off his own ear, then threatened to cut out his tongue, before his discernment was respected.

Early English Saint’s Relics Authenticated by Archaeologists

Bone analysis and radiocarbon dating have confirmed that a casket of bones discovered a century ago in a church in Folkestone, Kent, are almost certainly the remains of St. Eanswythe, who founded England's first monastic community for women in about 660.

St. John Henry Newman, a Shared Legacy

The canonization of John Henry Newman this year provides an opportunity for Anglicans to look back on his legacy in our own church. Newman was a priest of the Church of England before he was a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. In many ways, his contribution to both Anglicanism and Roman Catholicism is a legacy shared between the traditions.

Is Mary of Magdala the Patron Saint of Alcoholics?

For those who are alcoholics and for their families, rum and all its siblings are truly “demons” which take over the minds, consciences, and very lives of those they possess.

We Believe: The Church Makes the Saints

I have been carried by the communal faith of the Church when my heart has been cold or numb.


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