Early English Saint’s Relics Authenticated by Archaeologists

Bone analysis and radiocarbon dating have confirmed that a casket of bones discovered a century ago in a church in Folkestone, Kent, are almost certainly the remains of St. Eanswythe, who founded England's first monastic community for women in about 660.

A Saint Under Any Name

Bp. Martins: “There is a longstanding cult of veneration … there seems to be no reason to exclude [King Charles].”

The Table Is One

All Saints & All Souls: Here are prophets and presbyters, grandmothers and children untimely lost, maidens and archbishops.

Brackets of the Saints

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald • Lent Madness is “so fun you won’t know it’s edifying.”

Clarifying the Great Cloud

The Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music is considering a deeper rethinking of the Episcopal Church’s calendar.