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Sacrifice of the Mass

The Show Goes On

By Jonathan Jameson I’ve spent a large portion of the last eighteen years of my life traveling from town to town and playing songs to...

The Sacrifice of the Mass on Sundays During Coronatide

By Will Brown The inability of Christians to gather for corporate worship, and the restrictions under which corporate worship must take place where it is...

How to give God a gift

We want to glorify God by giving him everything we have. What could we possibly give him that would amplify in any way the radiance that he already possesses?

Orientation and eucharistic sacrifice: Continuing a discussion

In this offering, we return the whole of creation, including ourselves, to the Father.

Further facing into the Eucharist: A friendly response to Bishop Martins

The Eucharist is only a meal because it is first and most fundamentally a sacrifice.

Consume or be consumed

Either we consume him, recognizing him in the bread and in the gathered community, or he consumes us.

Why we do this

Receiving the presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is treated like a weekly Pill by some of us.

Eucharistic agreement

I have some sympathy with Derek Olsen, who bemoaned the fact that while the 1979 Book of Common Prayer seemed to move the Episcopal Church in a more Catholic direction, in practice it did no such thing.


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