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Roman Pilgrimage and the Gift of Unity

In January 2022, Nashotah House Theological Seminary and the Living Church Institute co-hosted an ecumenical pilgrimage to Rome, which doubled as a graduate course:...

Designing the Theater of Rome

The Artist and the Eternal City Bernini, Pope Alexander VII, and the Making of Rome By Loyd Grossman Pegasus Books, pp. 315, $29 Review by Ben Lima During his...

Incarnational Abstraction in An Ancient Icon

What struck me when I saw the work in person last year was how modern the work appeared, with its hauntingly expressive distortions. Rarely have I encountered such a powerful sense of presence in any image.

In the footsteps of the historical Benedict

Monasticism was born, not out of the moral or governmental failures of a late Roman state, but (ironically) out of Christian political success.

A pilgrimage to Canterbury and Rome, personal and ecumenical

It is my belief that as we enter more fully into relationship, in common ministry, old difficulties will be seen in a new light and be given a different and more hopeful context for resolution. My time on pilgrimage has given me a renewed vision and a new energy for the task that lies ahead.

A postcard from Rome: Stewarding the confession

Looming over the Sistine Chapel's altar, Peter is returning the keys to their rightful owner, the head of the Church, Jesus Christ.

From kingdom to truth

The Word preached that one last time to that practical philosopher Pontius Pilate, and he spoke of the truth.

A Garden Grows in Rome

A project aims to restore the ancient monastery garden of San Gregorio.

A Medieval Pottersville

By Daniel W. Muth. The HBO series depicts a dark, dank, brutal, depressing but nevertheless engrossing world.


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