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Roman Catholicism

Canterbury testimonies and the scandal of Christian disunity

My journey into the Anglican fold was, in part, a move toward Rome (as well as toward Constantinople), at least in a certain sense.

Enter Martin Luther

Churches to reflect on the father of the Protestant Reformation for the next year.

A Catholic observer in Rome?

When all roads to union seem closed, perhaps the only way forward is more blood, more tears, more prayer, and, above all, more love.

Gesture, liturgy, action: Anglican, Christian, ecumenical

Why are liturgical gestures and gift-giving so powerful?

A Wounded Unity

What we have to offer our suffering broken world is the crucified and wounded and resurrected Christ.

Mercy for the past and Catholic modernity

It is an unexpectedly hard thing to show mercy to our own past. The Crisis of Authority in Catholic Modernity shows that it is a necessary thing.

Gathering the fruit, May 28: young priests, New World polyphony, and ‘dissonant’ doctrine

If the development of doctrine were anything like musical performance, we could not imagine that "harmonic progression" would happen abruptly or lazily.

Liturgy doesn’t ‘mean’ anything: It is something

A very common question is some variation of "What does this or that ceremony or action mean?" It expresses a false assumption.

Shared Communion Breakthrough?

A committee suggests “expansion of opportunities for Catholics and Lutherans to receive Holy Communion together.”

Rhythms of Catholicism

Olivier Messiaen, a formidable figure in 20th-century modernist music, was a devout Roman Catholic.


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